Mini Cooper S R56 GP Concept

Re-paint 2021

In order to fully understand and comprehend the whole concept, you should read all the information about all modifications I made on this car in Mini Cooper S R56 SPORT CONCEPT 2019

Below is info about my first comprehensive project, in fact the whole concept of changing the appearance of the car.

Mainly vinyl wrapping at

inspired by the new gp 2020 design from MINI John cooper works

I was inspired by the new GP 2020 design look from MINI John Cooper Works, so much. I want that car, but not the "public" version of it.

I want the exact GP Race version with superb design of the wheels, colour scheme, etc.

I only, or should I say most notably, own the Mini Cooper S R56, but I believe that with my personal creativity and ideas I will manage to make it something unique and eye-catching.

about mjmods mini cooper s r56 gp concept

I was most impressed by the wheels of this newly designed car. I own OZ Racing Superturismo GT rims and with the eyes of my imagination I saw that it would be "fairly easy" to achieve a similar effect in an inexpensive way and as far as possible.

The second thing was the color of the car. I've always liked cars with matt paint. I thought to modernize the appearance of this car even more, I have to use something more than just a matte paint. Matte Carbon Fiber would be a great choice. OK, it's decided. And since I have experience in vinyl wrapping (cars, motorbike, moppeds, bikes) I knew I wanted a good quality film for this project.

I bought a roll of 3M Carbon Fiber Matte Vinyl - I read that this is one of the best vinyls with this pattern on the market. Of course, for a great effect and quality, I also bought 60m of 3M knifeless tape, plus some additional new wrapping tools.

As an addition to this matte color that will accentuate the whole thing well, I chose 3M Red Fluorescent vinyl. It has a very interesting color effect. It is normally red-orange, but even a yellow color appears in the sharp/harsh light.

The standard Mini is very different from the new Mini design GP 2020 and I also wanted to change the R56 look, so that you could see the differences between the silhouette of my modification and the original R56. For this, I purchased a few body kit parts from Top Sun. The rear bumper with diffuser is very different from the standard R56 so it was the obvious choice, as well, as side "skirts". I only left the original front bumper because I like it more than the one used by JCW or by Top Sun. Besides, I plan to produce custom parts for this modification and this bumper fits it better. And since we're talking about custom parts, I'm going to make side splitters and one main splitter for the aforementioned front bumper.

Now I will write about what attracts my attention as a second part (after wheels of course) in the new design and this part is a roof spoiler. The designed spoiler looks simply awesome. It is much larger than the original and extends beyond the outline of the car's roof, that's why I'm going to buy a Fiberglass GT roof spoiler and wraps it.

3m knifeless tape

Finish line is the best for my needs

3m carbon fiber matte vinyl

3M Scotchcal vinyl

black matte vinyl

Premium Vinyl Wrap

3M red fluorescent vinyl

3M Scotchcal film

new lower rear bumper

new lower side skirts

fiberglass GT roof spoiler

modification work - mainly vinyl wrapping

Any work related to the modification is given below in more or less detail in comic book form.

There are many photos and almost all of them have descriptions of the operations that were performed.

If anyone requires a detailed description of any procedure, please contact me.

This is not a guide or instruction on how to perform such a modification, but information on how I performed the entire procedure. If anyone undertakes to carry out such modifications on the basis of the information contained on my website, then he / she takes responsibility for everything and must remember that each modification will result in the loss of the remaining car warranty, if any.

I do not take any responsibility for wrong operation or bad execution of modifications that are described on my website.

3m red fluorescent

new rear bumper

in carbon fiber

side "skirt"

carbon fiber vinyl

red fluo detailing

air bubles on carbon fiber

I left the "skirt" made like this outside in full sunshine for a few days to see how the vinyl would perform. Because Carbon Fiber vinyl is very thick, as it has a texture, it is hard to make it behave on any bends and changes in the angle of the surface it lies on, even after "memory reseting" temperature treatment.

I decided that I would avoid very sharp folds and use layers of vinyl on such surfaces.

New idea of laying vinyl

NO hard bends

Knifeless tape very helpful

Even better effect

Preparations for disassembly

I planned that the car will be on stands for at least one month

each stand 3 tones

for a car weighing 1 ton, just in case

washing rims

Very detailed wash


For stone chips


and polishing with 2500 grade sand paper

Ready for paint

Black matte


4 wheels - 4 cans of Pasti-dip


of rear bumper


of side "skirts" and wheel arch panels

Sanding old paint

from Intercooler

red fluo vinyl

I prepared a new logo

cutting letters

for air flow performance

engine oil change

After 3000 miles it's a time for change

engine oil filter

As always High quality BOSCH Oil filter


cover for fuel cup

black matte vinyl

same for all de-chroming in this project

final effect

Like the look


lights rims


New, fresh look

High gloss hood

to be matte black


3M Red Fluorescent

finish look

I come up with new ideas whilst working


thoroughly cleaned the surface with 80% alcohol before wrapping

first panel

very happy with the look

5mm HDPE Grade 300 panel

I will use this panel to make the front splitter and both side "skirt" splitters.

This is 2m by 1m - 5mm HDPE Grade 300 panel and it mayor features are:

  • Incredible high abrasion resistance and wear resistance

  • Unbreakable, good resilience, Super resistance of aging

  • Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals except oxidizing acids

  • Odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic

  • Very low coefficient of friction


Whole doors have to be disassembled

Door panels

removing the inner door panel

window glass

removing the glass from the door

time consuming

removal of mechanisms from the door

laying vinyl

I always pay attention to the pattern

Carbon Fiber

so that it fits with the other parts

the air stuck behind the vinyl

I used an injection needle to get the air out

first big panel done

a few more until the end, but I like it a lot

mirror detailing

accent as in the original design

another big panel

a lot of work was done on this

checking the look

I close the boot to check the whole look

Chrome fuel cap

De-Chrome fuel cap

with cover ON

Looking so good

other door

one last look at the red door

with carbon fiber

the thing I like the most is that it is matte

deja vu

I had to take everything out

new turn signals

"walking" LED version in Black Matte


rear lights rims

fiberglass gt spoiler

wrapping the spoiler in 3 vinyls

top wing

in Carbon Fiber

photography skills

one of them is good use in graphics soft

old vinyl off

new vinyl ON

very hot today

I am happy with the results

fiberglass gt spoiler

bottom in Black matte vinyl

Bottom wing

center in Red Fluorescent

part of spoiler

the fluorescent color still surprises me

professional vinyl cutter

Thinking about the vinyl car wrapping business, I recently purchased a professional vinyl cutter - Graphtec Cutting Pro - japanese machine.

By trial and error I made a template using a graphics program on a computer and with it, I cut letters from the vinyl at the right angle for my rims.

Of course all additional details are made in fluorescent red.

front bumper

also from three different vinyls

first edge

Black matte vinyl

base area

Carbon Fiber

back to rear bumper

on many sharp edges vinyl began to peel


Black matte vinyl inside light area

thin vinyl

it is better for covering a lot of edges

my next idea

to get closer to the design of those super wheels and rims

measured and calculated pattern

for the inner parts of my OZ Racing Superturismo GT rims

mj mods rims

the final effect even surprised me

2 more to go

despite being tired, I keep doing it


nothing to add

plasti-dip matte

painting all plastic lower edges on the car

side "skirts"

even new to look the same as the old ones

mirror covers

also Black matte Plasti-dip

time for hdpe panel

cutting out two side skits

making of splitters

filing with a file two side skits

manual sanding

for the best quality

bumper installation

connecting lights and sensors

rear bumper

I had to lower the exhaust system a little

wheels installation

yet without the central cap

wrapping splitters

Red Fluorescent and Carbon Fiber

added distancer

gluing 5 mm distance

notch for the jack

side skirts are lower than the original

installation of custom splitters

I attached the splitters to the skirts with 13 x M6 screws

sticking a letter emblem

letters cut out on the cutter as a visual addition

main front splitter

I made a cardboard template

Splitter cut out

manual grinding and filing

before bending

checking if everything fits well

front lower bumper splitter

I really liked the Splitter that was designed for the race version of this car. It has a red/orange center with the description what this version of the car is and who had such a vision to make it. In my flat splitter I used a geometric figure so that it gave the impression of a certain third dimension. I screwed the splitter to the lower part of the front bumper with 10 x M6 screws. On the front of the splitter I used two rods that are bolted to the bottom middle part of the bumper. On my cutter I cut a similar looking inscription as in the race version of this car. I really like the end result and how it all turned out.

Side parts for GT spoiler

sanding before bending

heat bended

marking of bolt holes

roof preparation

unscrew the antenna and its base

sunroof windows pulled out

and it started to rain so I rescheduled to wrap the roof for later

Central wheel cap

high gloss was delivered


sanded to a mat before painting

black matte

painted in Black matte car spray

cutting logos

for central wheel caps

mj mods logo

as a delicate addition to the wheels

on the wheel

looks cool

roof wrapping

the biggest pieces of vinyl for this car

trimming to gaskets

very precise work for a very focused hand

antenna installation

cutting a hole for the antenna

Antenna too long for a spoiler

I cut out the middle

without Carbon piece

joint wraped with vinyl

gt spoiler already fitted

and all parts produced by me wrapped

perfect length of the antenna

so that the boot can be fully opened

making pattern

pattern for tinting the glass

final check

for perfect fit

cutting tint film

and cleaning the glass


all water and air bubbles

tinted window

to the edge of the frame


left NO TINT - right TINTED

driver glass

70% VLT - visible light transmission


for Break LED top light

tinting rear window

soap solution

Rear light

Tint vinyl

Light tinted


Head light

too clear/shiny for good look

applying vinyl

Smoke effect

finished look

It is not so shiny/visible anymore

that's the end of modification of

mini cooper s r56 gp concept - 2020

Gallery of the car